When the interior was anyway taken out we decided to install rear camera (apparently from some Bentley model). The camera unit was installed on top of the license plate and wiring naturally goes all the way to RNS-510. Not sure if rear camera was an option for Scirocco in 2011?
CAN-wires from the Haldex control unit were connected close to the connector of CAN gateway.
Fuel sensor wires were connected to the instrument cluster. For some reason the fuel level indicator still does not show exactly full tank when it should.
We updated the center console arm rest from Golf as well. It has AUX-IN and media interface (some wiring was needed for that as well) as well as cup holder for the rear seat.
Trunk almost ready. We wanted to keep the original volume for the trunk so we don’t have space for spare tire any more. There’s still enough space for a bottle of sealant and an air compressor. When the carpet is on, you can’t really see the difference to the original. You could also fit the spare tire but then you’d sacrifice some space from the trunk.