Increased weight


The pictures above show the changes in weight. Total increase was 76kg (37 front, 39 back). This means that we could still keep all four seats (the law in Finland states that we can’t increase the overall total weight. Now we just can’t carry heavy luggage when all four seats are occupied ūüôā

Scirocco running on all four weels!

It had been 2,5 weeks since we started to take parts from the Golf we bought from Sweden. Only doing this in weekends and evenings. Now it was only some coding with VCDS to complete the project. Well – we thought so.

It was easy to get the AWD working. Just a few ticks on check-boxes (CAN gateway & engine for sure, don’t remember if there were something else as well). On the test drive AWD was working perfectly. The only issue remaining was ESP – that became a bit longer story and there’s another post about that. All other units were happy with no fault codes except ESP.

The title picture is from a market square of our home town together with 2011 Golf R that we had at the same time.

ESP – pain in the ass

As I wrote on the previous post, ESP became quite a headache. Actually we drove with the car for almost two years before we were finally forced to get it done because the annual inspection was closing (in Finland you don’t need to do MOT every year for such new cars).

This image says it all – Scirocco’s ABS unit was not happy about the newly installed Haldex controller.

We got fault codes saying we had issues in Powertrain data bus (18055 – Check Coding of ECUs on Powertrain Data Bus). ABS was functioning as it should, just ESP was out of the game. It did not prevent driving, but was obviously a safety issue and MIL light was on. We tried different codings, tried to learn how the coding works. Long Coding helper in VCDS was not very helpful with ABS unit (only a few bits are documented) but we were able to find something by Googling and asking help from Ross-Tech’s forum (Ross-Tech is the maker of VCDS). Eventually we were able to learn what each of the 18 bytes were meaning. Even last five numbers of the VIN were encoded on the coding.

It helped a lot that we had similar Golf R from the same MY so we could compare the coding. Even the ABS unit had exactly the same part no, so we were adamant that there’s a way to code.

So we were trying to generate a code that was similar to Golf R but embedded with VIN digits from Scirocco. Golf was not identical, it had DCC suspension so we still had some bits that we were not sure if they were correct or not. Still, we couldn’t get it done – Coding out of range it was every time.

Many persons from Ross-Tech forums offered help and proposed all kinds of codes, none of those worked. Eventually we realized that the ABS unit communicates with the cluster to learn about the model of the car – when the cluster says the car is a Scirocco, it won’t accept coding as a Golf. And Scirocco can’t be AWD. And vehicle type can’t be changed on the cluster with VCDS.

We found a guy somewhere in Poland who was willing to modify the EEPROM on the cluster but at the same time we decided to try something else. We took the cluster from the donor Golf R and plugged it in Scirocco. The connector is the same.

At least the cluster was working (which was something we expected it to do). Immobilizer kicked in as expected also (Golf cluster and Scirocco ECU won’t work together without tweaking).

Best part was that now ABS unit was happy to clear all the fault codes! Now that the ABS/ESP was handled, we only had two issues remaining: 1. Immobilizer 2. Physical fitment of the Golf cluster. After all the puzzling with the ESP these seemed like minor issues.

We only had one key remaining with Golf so we decided to take it and fit Scirocco’s key blade to the Golf key fob. That way we could keep Scirocco’s original key lock. For cluster-ECU communication there’s two options – take the ECU also from the Golf or disable the Immo from Scirocco’s ECU. Both work well – we decided to keep the Immo and take the ECU from Golf. Now both cluster and ECU were from Golf. Now when someone plugs a tester in the OBD the car seems like a Golf with Golf VIN.

Physical fitment to the cluster was a bit more work. We were comparing the clusters and realized that essentially they are similar, just the outer casing is different. We decided to tear down both and were able to swap the Golf cluster internals inside Scirocco’s cluster casing!

Finally! No fault codes or MIL lights!

There’s only two downsides with the way we did the cluster modification. The 2010 Golf R cluster apparently does not understand automatic long beam headlights. The feature still works, but it just don’t show the symbol that this feature is activated. Sometimes this causes confusion to a person who’s not used to driving with this car.

Another is a bit more unpleasant – you can’t totally deactivate ESP from ESP OFF button. 2010-2011 cars are generation where you can only disable traction control but it still keeps ESP active. This means you can’t have all the 4wd drifting fun on wintertime without taking some ESP fuses off. Apparently they changed this in later models so it might be possible to swap some newer ESP parts in but so far we haven’t done that.

MOT inspection

A few words about the inspection and getting the modification fully street legal in Finland.

A conversion like this requires a special permission from the officials. Scirocco was never made AWD so they can’t just approve something like this on a regular annual inspection. We had to get the permit and it meant quite a bit of paperwork.

When we did the application we explained everything in detail and how all the body modifications were done according to VW’s instructions (instructions were attached as appendices). We explained all the parts that we used, showed parts lists and images from ETKA and we also had to get documentation from the manufacturer’s representative (importer in Finland) to certify that the brakes are working as they’re supposed to. For the actual inspection it was enough that we took a full scan of the car with VCDS, signed by a local car service.

It took about a month for the officials to handle the application. They asked some additional questions once but anyway the whole process was much faster than expected and we were pleasantly surprised how well the authorities were co-operation on a modification like this.


At the inspection we also had to identify where all the parts were originated (to prevent usage of e.g. stolen components). At the same time also the H&R coilover suspension was checked and included on the list of modifications. The actual inspection was fast, not much different from a regular annual MOT, but the paperwork took longer, more than an hours.

As a final word for this process we have to say that it for sure made it easier to get the approval when we had a complete donor car which was very close to Scirocco from the chassis point of view. It was relatively easy to make the application and show where all the components were coming from. It would have been much more difficult to explain everything if the parts had been source from several different vehicles or even made some parts by ourselves.

Syncro emblem is from Heikkis’ mk2 Jetta Syncro.

Myydään/For sale: Scirocco R 4motion

In English a bit later below.

Viiden vuoden jälkeen on tullut aika luopua Sciroccosta. Sciroccoa ei ole koskaan nelivetona tehtaalla tehty, tämä yksilö on Trafin poikkeusluvalla muutettu ja muutoskatsastettu Golf R tekniikkaa hyödyntäen. Kaikki muutokset on toteutettu alkuperäisin VW-osin ja tehtaan korinkorjausohjeita noudattaen. Tarkka kertomus muutoksesta löytyy tästä. Ei kolaroitu. Muutoksen jälkeen ajettu lähes 100tkm ilman mitään ongelmia.

Toista nelivetoista aitoa Scirocco R:√§√§ ei ole tullut vastaan koko maailmassa, joitakin “perusmalleja” on netiss√§ n√§kynyt – ei yht√§√§n Suomessa kilpa-autoja lukuunottamatta. T√§m√§ on siis Suomen ainoa katulaillinen neliveto-Scirocco.

Auto on siis aito Scirocco R eli jo alun perin tehokkain ja näyttävin malli. Nelivedon lisäksi autoon on asennettu APR Stage 2+ viritys, jonka myötä alun perin 260hv tehot kasvoivat n. 360 hv:aan ja vääntö 500 Nm:iin. Muutoksessa korvataan korkeapainebensapumppu, downpipe ja imuilman otto & suodatin VW Racingin osilla. Myös DSG-laatikko on uudelleenohjelmoitu. Näiden muutosten myötä tämä yksilö mm. kiihtyy 0-100 tasan neljässä sekunnissa.

Scirocco on hyvin pidetty ja hyvässä kunnossa. Kaikki toimii kuten pitää, ei lommoja eikä ruostetta. Toki pieniä käytön jälkiä 130tkm jälkeen on.


  • vm. 2011
  • Ajettu 130tkm
  • Neliveto Golf R:st√§
  • 2.0 TFSI APR Stage 2+ (360hv, 500Nm)
  • DSG-automaatti (APR-ohjelmoitu)
  • T√§ydellinen huoltokirja
  • H&R coilover alustasarja
  • Kahdet renkaat ja vanteet:
    • O.Z. Ultraleggera HLT 8,5×20″ (juuri ostettu uudet renkaat)
    • Scirocco R alkup. Talladega 8×18″ vanteet Hakkapeliitta 9 nastoin talvella
  • Bi-Xenon + LED-p√§iv√§ajovalot
  • P3 lis√§mittari (mm. ahtopaine, imuilman l√§mp√∂, rpm, 0-100 jne)
  • RNS-510 Navi + Dynaudio
  • Bluetooth HF+Audio
  • Peruustuskamera, parkkitutka takana.
  • Aux-in + multimedia interface
  • Monitoimiratti rattivaihteilla
  • Automaatti-ilmastointi
  • Valoautomatiikka
  • Vakionopeudens√§√§din
  • Penkinl√§mmittimet
  • Isofix

Hinta: 32.900‚ā¨. Rahoitus onnistuu tarvittaessa.

Puh. 040-500 6228 /

For sale really unique and rare VW. Scirocco was never manufactured as 4WD/4motion, this specific car has been modified by using parts from Golf R. The modification has been fully approved with special permission from Finnish traffic authority Traficom. All modifications have been made with OEM VW parts by following factory instructions for body modifications. Detailed description of the work with lots of pictures can be found here. The car has been driven for almost 100 000 km after the modification without any problems.

As far as we know this is the only genuine Scirocco R in the whole world that has been modified as street legal AWD. In addition to Golf R Haldex drivetrain the car has been equipped with APR Stage 2+ tuning (high pressure fuel pump, downpipe, VW Racing air intake, ECU & DSG remap) which increases the original 260hp to 360hp and 500Nm of torque. This allows Scirocco to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.0 sec.

The car is in very good condition. No collision damage, no dents or rust. Naturally after 130t km there are some scratches and marks of use.


  • Haldex AWD from Golf mk6 R
  • 2.0 TFSI APR Stage 2+ (360hp, 500Nm)
  • DSG (APR remap)
  • Full service plan @ authorized VW dealers
  • H&R Coilovers
  • Two sets of wheels & tires
    • O.Z. Ultraleggera HLT 8,5×20″ +brand new tires
    • Original VW Talladega 8×18″ for winter tires
  • BiXenon + LED DRL
  • P3 Gauges additional gauge for boost pressure, intake air temp, 0-100, rpm etc.
  • RNS-510 Navigation + Dynaudio
  • BT HF with audio over bluetooth
  • Reverse camera & parking radar at rear
  • Aux-In + multimedia interface
  • Multifunction steering wheel with paddle shifting
  • Automatic long beam headlights
  • Cruise control
  • Front seat heating + Isofix at rear seats

Price: 32.900EUR. We can assist in transportation.

Contact: Heikki Jaakkola, +358 40 500 6228 /

Pari viime kes√§√§ alla ovat olleet O.Z. Ultraleggerat (20″).
Ennen Ultraleggeroita alla olivat Bentley kiilloitetut Mulliner-vanteet (my√∂s 20″).
Kuva American Car Show:sta pääsiäisenä 2016. Scirocco oli näytillä Suomen Volkkariyhdistyksen osastolla.